Thursday, April 05, 2007

This society is well set up.

To destroy people.

If you have a job, you most likely think it meaningless. If you don't, you - and others - think yourself meaningless.

If you think other people needs help, you are accused of soft, foolish, naive. If you're lucky, put on a pedestal as a "good person" - then left there alone.

If you work hard, you may get next to nothing in return. If you don't, you get pushed around, smothered, accused of lazy.

If you are lucky and get something for your work, you face envy, theft. And worse, your own realization that it doesn't get you what you need, wish, or want - something inside yourself, some meaning, is just not there.

I'm sure someone 3500 years ago had the answer to all these things and dared to speak about it, and was marginalized or killed because of it.

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