Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Republicans are blinded by greed, cruel, devoid of any principle. The Democrats, on the other hand, are weak foolish, and mostly merely posing as an opposition, opportunists of the American political void.

They pose as trying to force Bush to stop the Iraq war. They know it will go nowhere, that it takes more than that. They can just deny to fund the war and it will be over. But they won't do that.

Bush has been actively campaigning to make his veto on the Democrats war-funding-and-war-stopping bill look like a weak play for politics. They simply won't oppose with a counter-attack. All they have to say is this - there will NOT be another funding proposal without a condition to start winding down the war. Bush can commit to end the war his way, or the Democrats, backed by the majority of Americans, can just tell him they are sick of it by pulling their money out of it.

However, Big Oil Inc. is the real boss, of both Bush and the Democrats, and nobody faces them down. They will never allow any politician to really give up Iraq, or their career is over, they will investigated, sex scandals starring them will appear, and they are gone.

But if they really wanted to end the war, they would just end it, and if they lose their job, so be it, that's no big deal compared to all the people, from all sides, dying and getting their lives ruined.

At the end of the day, all these politicians and business people are talking about their investments, their careers, reputation, prestige, votes, etc. All their interests.

Nobody really gives a damn about all the people stuck in the firing zone and crossfire.

Hillary? Obama? They're not going to do a whole lot either. They will hire better skilled public relations firms than the Republicans, of course, to make it look like they had no option, for the good of all involved, especially "the troops", they need to stay in Iraq. Or to get the Iraq war out of the newspapers. Something, but not stopping the war.

Whenever the American public decides to take their stand, much more than just vote out a few right-posing scum to replace them with left-posing scum, THEN something will happen.

We should all have a "liberation occupation" in the offices of all our congress people, until they vote something to put the Department of Defense back in defense, rather than go invade and occupy other countries which have nothing to threaten anyone with, and respect their basic rights to exist and govern themselves. And sell their own oil, their property, as they wish.

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