Thursday, February 27, 2003

"Human shields", the people that went to Iraq to try to stop the American war against it, have got a nice article about them here.
I don't know about you, but I'm starting to clearly feel that I live under a repressive regime in the US. People are fleeing the country, afraid of the police, paranoid they are being watched, persecuted. All the innocent, educated, hard working honest and trustworthy people are afraid. While the repressive violent people in government feel confident.

Leaving aside the fact that, for many decades, overseas the country has been a particularly murderous one as well, playing key roles in many well docuemented wars and conflicts.
I like this article

It has a lot of information about what Iraq and Hussein are like, what were the crimes, what happened in history there, and what it is now, and how the "case" for war against Iraq has been manufactured.
Well, I was hoping Saddam had a decent brain and would say something smart to help stop the war. No such luck. The guy seems to be about on the same intellectual level as Bush. I guess that's why he's President, like in most countries.

After reading parts of his interview, I lost hope. I wonder what he looked like on TV and what the program was like. I have no TV.

Today the White House campaign is that it will "create peace and democracy" in the Middle East. Enforced with cruise missiles. Right. And I'm the Pope.

Who is he kidding? As if the Middle East's severe problems hadn't been the result of intensive wars, bribes, and coercion from the United States and Europe to begin with.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Saddam finally uses the ultimate weapon: the brain.

For all his murderous war crimes and ignorance in defying an army to a war he clearly will lose, today Saddam did something smart: he talked.

The savage murdered talked. No matter what he said, showing his face and pleading a case makes viewers realize something - there are people in Iraq, and they don't exactly want to die.

The transcripts are available here.
Have An Anti War Love Affair - Sex and Orgasms Against War !

Protest the war with radical peace activism - Sex against war!

Seeking partners to make efforts to stop the war with love, sex, and more sex.

(60's are over, no more "make love not war" - now it's "have sex against war". )

We'll have to go to lots of protests. And be alert of reports of war and violence the world over. Go to protests in scandalous outfits and big banners saying "telepathically stop the war with sex - tutors".

We'll get in bed every time the war tensions seem to increase, and try to make love passionately enough to telepathically relax the entire planet. Given that the world is now infested with clones of Washington DC politicos, a bunch of tense strait-edge stiffs in suits, that will make for very, very long nights!

The war in Iraq may yet be averted. Our square and conservative Prez surely won't be pleased.

If tensions do indeed stiffen to the point that violence does indeed explode, we should intensify our antiwar lovemaking activity to attempt to relax it all as quickly as possible.

If war ends - well... unfortunately, there's always several wars raging somewhere in the world, usually involving this country in some capacity. So we'll have to keep up or telepathic international antiwar lovemaking efforts for A LONG TIME.

If we are really good in keeping the war and sexual tensions of the world relaxed, resulting in a permanent end to all war, and there's no threat of turning back - hey, there's good old regular lovemaking. It's been shown to work, for a few million years now.

There's an old Chinese myth that says that, if 10,000 full simultaneous orgasms are simultaneously reached on the planet, a new era for humanity will dawn.

Heck, there's a lot more than 20,000 lovers just in new york - but we need to start coordinating for the exact times. How about 2:30:00 am ??

I hope the US President doesn't get wind of this, or he'll denounce dating agencies as "terrorist infrastructure", arrest everyone with healthy sex lives as "terrorists", and start forced use of chastity belts...

As an informed and concerned world citizen, I cannot allow this madness to continue. I must take responsibility and take action. I must get action.

If there are any young female citizens interested in coordinating efforts to end war and help save the lives of thousand of innocent civilians with maddenging sweaty multiorgasmic nights, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Any other couples interested in coordinating the "10,000 Orgasms Against War" efforts, please contact me to arrange the time.

Documenting and disseminating all Antiwar Lovemaking efforts is encouraged.

Please post and search for such documentation on the net under "antiwar sex".
Bush should be excommunicated.

He's a Christian. Yet he's breaking every vow they are supposed to take. Breaking the Pope's recommendation, no less.

"thou shalt not kill" is apparently pretty imporant for Christians also. Killing to retrieve oil, invading a country that is clearly no threat, in the name of "safety", or rather, lots of money for a few people, is more likely.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

My proposal is to solve the Iraq crisis with "Windpowered Mass Tranportation".

It would allow us to build cheap transportation systems without using any oil or gasoline at all.

You can pedal a bike 10 times farther simply if there's wind at your back. Which means you won't be sweating if you're only going a few miles, which most of us do.

The article by By Ian Williams,