Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Protest everyday, with everything you've got.

At all moments in life, you are choosing, making evaluations, selecting, turning one way or another.

Buying something from someone is a vote of confidence in them, and it's giving them money.

Not buying from someone isolates them and takes away their money.

Every time you have a conversation, you can pick any subject you want. You can make it informative, reading more things, and talking about them with people.

Every time you go meet people, you can choose to see one group of people or look for another, go one place or some other. You can look for more informed, involved and interesting people, or less. People with a meaner, harsher attitude, or more considerate, kind-spirited people.

Think about your choices, study the impact of your choices, reflect on your choices.

Talk to more people about what you do in this world, to get more people aware of what they do and who they are.

You'll be having an impact every day, and multiplying it among many people, over many years of your life.

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