Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Democrats and Republicans and media go on with their talks of "funding" and "ending" the war, trying to fool the public to vote for them, no matter which is their opinion.

In the end, nobody does anything that actually listens to what the majority has voted for - end the war. i actually don't think they will, the economic forces at play, embedded in various corporations and people, are still dictating more than the government, and the people's voices aren't strong enough yet.

It seems that maybe they public will get frustrated and and angry and have to go for yet another election, this time electing the most anti-war president they can manage.

The wars go on. People killing and dying on all sides of several wars, building up various forms of trauma, causing uncountable forms of suffering in the whole population. Lack of water, power, food, work, sanity.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, the politicians of the two-party system posture and position themselves to see who will win or lose points, and who will get their career damaged or improved by the war.

Businessmen with economic interests in wars continue to campaign for it to go on - weapons supplies, security companies, contractors, lobbyists, spy and information services, food supply, etc. Another hundred billion dollars flows from mostly poor taxpayers to military-related corporations, for the purpose of building violence.

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