Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bush is one of the worst presidents in US history. I said that a couple of years ago. Carter said it again a couple of days ago, and his comments are all over the internet - many agree.

He's bad from the point of view of the conservatives, of the military, of the progressive/liberal/leftists, the journalists. Now even his own party. Everyone. Most likely Exxon and other corporations do like him.

Bush is a great president - from the point of view of an activist organizer. He makes everyone angry with everything he does. He tries to cover it up terribly, grossly denying it, or making little of it. Making more people angry. So for organizing, it's great. Everyone sees the problem.

It's tough organizing with a Democrat president. They do lots of terrible things, but people don't see it, they don't get angry at. Heck, with Bush it's still hard.

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