Saturday, February 10, 2007

Obama, Hillary and company want to work for Exxon/Mobil?

If Obama or Hillary became US president, could he just stop the Iraq war? Tell all the soldiers to go home? The president can legally do that. But would they, even if they wanted to?

Who does the president work for, who has a hold on them? How much do corporations influence or control politicians, as opposed to the public, voters, and the law?

Hard to know how much, but we know that there's significant influence by corporations.

They have their lobbyists, which have influence in washington, as well as on elections campaign money.

Corporations have heir own advertising and PR to influence the public - although they can't use that directly for politics, they fund or influence other groups that can.

They can influence public opinion of the politician if they do things that are not agreed-upon. For instance, insurance companies could get articles written that bash a politician if they propose public insurance, or just good public hospitals.

There is their business, which they can move or just bluff about moving - tax money, paychecks, factories, stores, funds in banks, a large influence on the economy, is another lever businesses have, and don't even have to pull - the public and politicians generally enslave themselves to this money from their own initiative - and in some cases they don't and won't even have it, it's just inflated false hopes of gaining something.

There is of course illegal stuff, which clearly exists - plain bribes or kickbacks in various forms, getting lawyers to harrass politicians, their families, or journalists. Hiring "private eye", "investigative", or "security" agencies to gather information on people, create paranoia, fear, divisiveness, or outright violence. Using that information for any kind of blackmail.

So who are Hillary and Obama trying to work for? Perhaps they say they want to work for "the american people", and personally just want the prestige and power. But in the end, they will be restricted in what they can do.

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