Saturday, November 25, 2006

So these lying politicians claim to be "open to all proposals" on how to get the USArmy out or Iraq, stop the civil war, and end the killing and dying, of Iraqis and Americans.

Sure they are. And I am the sole inheritor of a Nigerian billionaire.

If they are open to proposals, here are some items for them to debate openly. Let us see some actual debate.

1 - Following the example of the pan-african peace force, and the UN peace forces, form a peace force of arabic/islamic democratic countries, together with African countries, under supervision from the United Nations, to keep the peace in the country. Remove all military forces from countries of the "coalition" coerced together by the US. Including the underground and undercover Israeli and CIA "advisors", psychological warfare agents, "intelligence" questioning torture centers, and other assorted US-sponsored terror forces.

2 - Re-open full elections in Iraq, this time with no undue outside influences and pressures from the US. Give each city a wide range of independence in everything apart from armed groups.

3 - Guarantee 100% of Iraqi oil profits go to Iraqi city, village and community organizations. Get the US completely out of the Iraqi oil ministry, oil field development, repair, pipeline repair, fuel supply and transportation, and leave that completely in the hand of Arabic companies and governments.

4 - Allow US soldiers to speak freely to the media, removing all "security" and other restraints on them, to inform the US public of what they really see and do there. Allow US soldiers to actually become conscientious objectors, refuse orders they consider illegal or even just plain disagree with. Allow US soldiers to have their brain back, in other words.

5 - Allow reporters to go where they want and film and photograph what they want, publish in US media without censoring disguised as "reprimanding" "Security screening" from US Governemental agencies.

6 - Allow Iraqis to come to the US and tell their stories to universities, forums, through video, internet, and other communication means.

Why, if the objective was actually "arabic democracy", the US could actually claim victory at that point! Of course, it wouldn't and won't be, because "us victory" would actually mean US corporations controlling oil extraction and commerce, along with some government friendly enough to allow most, or all, profits to be siphoned discreetly out of the country, as has happened for decades in many other countries.

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