Sunday, September 17, 2006

I've spent some time thinking of war, and what causes it. Why do people get so stupid, to kill eath other, and not even know for certain if there is a reason for it?

To be efficient to combat the problem, we need to define what it is, and a plan as to what to do about it.

The problem is violence and its destruction. Not just war, but violence hidden in the hearts of people. With practice, one can see it, and sometimes predict their behaviour, just by talking to them.

It begins with lack of faith. NO, not somebody's arbitrary god, in which some dishonest investor tells you how to behave, or some naive person repeats rules blindly.

Each person needs faith in the future, in other human beings, and in oneself as a human being.

Without faith, there is fear. Fear leads to violence, then destruction.

Look at the politicians trying to get their wars, which is to their advantage in some way. They preach fear. They make the enemy enormous, scary, dangerous. They speak of future calamities, wars, destruction. The people feel fear, and support war. They volunteer for the war - to defend themselves, of course! Then commit the acts they were afraid of. War, destruction, and calamities.

If its not with war, it is with crime, or races, or religions, or immigration, that fear of some people is preached, then violence is preached, organized, and done, from some armed group upon another group.

So our problem - or as some would say, our enemy - is not some ideology, economic theory, or group of people, or technology.

The problem is lack of faith. And we experience it as lack of faith in the neighbor, the fellow citizen, the other human beings.

I'd like to try to reduce violence, death, destruction.

If you want that also, I'd say let's try to have faith in them, in yourself, and your own ability to talk or learn to talk to them.

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